Caring For Your Balloons

Keep your balloons looking good for as long as possible.

Keep your balloons away from direct sunlight and/or in colder temperatures as much as possible. The helium inside the balloon expands with different temperature which can pop your balloon.

When choosing somewhere to put your helium balloons make sure you look around the balloons to make sure there is no sharp objects for example nails, hooks, sharp corners. Your balloons are very delicate and will pop.

The balloons arrangements we create look good enough to touch, but please keep little fingers away from them until the party is over to avoid them deflating or popping.

Bubble Balloons

If you follow the guidelines above your balloons should last for 5-10 days. The writing on the balloon's in vinyl and will start to bubble after 24 hours as the balloon starts to become smaller. this is part of the balloons natural ageing process and cannot be avoided unfortunately.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons generally last for 12 hours with just helium, but by adding Hi-float it expands their life span to about 2 days. They will slowly shrink in size.

Foil Balloons

All our foil balloons and Orbz will last for 5-7 days if the care instructions are followed.

Air Filled Balloons They all generally last for about 2 weeks but it depends on the size. Air filled balloons will never float.

Please do not the inhale Helium out of the Balloons. Helium is a Gas that can cause loss of cautiousness.