Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

let's create something special!
All our Helium Latex balloons come with ultra high float to give them the longest float time as possible. Buy one single balloon or make a bouquet the choice is yours!

assorted-color balloons
assorted-color balloons

Bunch Of Latex Balloons:

28cm balloon $7.00ea
(No Weight included)

Latex bunch(es)

Bunch (5 Balloons) $30.00
Bunch (10 balloons) $58.00

All our balloon bunches include high float and a balloon weight.

Extra balloons are $6ea

Let us know what colours you would like or if you would like us to surprise you?

Number Balloons:
102cm (40'')

1 number in total $30.00
2 numbers in total $60.00
3 numbers in total $90.00

Balloon weight +$2.00ea
Make it a bouquet!
Add 28cm Latex Balloons for $6.00ea

Jumbo Bouquet:

Starting at $50.00 (as seen in picture).
Jumbo bouquets can be made to suit your theme or colour choice.

Our Jumbo Bouquets are filled with pure natural air.

BIG Latex balloons:

90cm round latex balloons $80.00

60cm round latex balloon $50.00

Clear balloon 90cm with personal
message (confetti inside and 5
mini balloons) $90.00

Colour latex balloon 90cm
with personal message $70.00

Make it a bouquet!
Add 28cm Latex Balloons for $6.00ea


40cm Orbz balloon $30.00

54cm Jumbo Orbz $40.00

Add a personal message +$15.00

3 Jumbo personal orb balls on separate
String and each personalised $120.00

Make it a bouquet!
Add 28cm Latex Balloons for $5.50ea

Bubble balloons

Bubble balloons are beautiful clear plastic balloon, unfortunately Bubble balloons are not bio degradable. If you wish to purchase a bubble balloon please make sure you put it in the correct bin after use. .

Bubble balloon 20" Clear $40
Bubble balloon 24" Clear $60

This includes 5 balloons inside, confetti and a personal message all in your colour of choice.

Cant find what you are after?

Have a theme in mind? Or a child's birthday Party? please contact us and we will organise a package tailored to you.